Meet Miss Watson! 3

Alyssa Manson

Meet our new teacher here at Stacey, Miss Watson, or her full name, Miss Alisa Watson! Now, let’s get the pronunciation right. You pronounce it like so; ah- lee-sah. Her name is often mispronounced, for some say her name how you would pronounce the name Alissa. Incorrect! Besides the point.

Miss Watson is, believe it or not, the youngest teacher in the school district! She is only twenty-seven years old. Miss Watson has been teaching for two years. Before deciding to finalize her decision on becoming a teacher, she was contemplating becoming a museum creator. Of course, we are all thankful that she chose to be a teacher.

Previously before becoming a social studies teacher here at Stacey, she used to be an English and History teacher at Johnson Middle School.

Since 6th grade, Miss Watson has been fascinated with History/ Social Studies. “I want to instill my love for history in my students,” she states.

Prepare to be flabbergasted! The University of California, Berkeley, is ranked the 10th world-class university. Miss Watson herself went to that college and got her masters degree at Redlands University. “I find social studies extremely interesting. I can sit for hours teaching this. I don’t think I could do that with any other subject, like science,” she states.

Miss Watson says, “I grew up in Westminster, just like you. When people tell you that you can’t do good, prove them wrong. I remember teachers told me I wouldn’t get into a good school or career. But I still did.” Wow, she sure did prove them wrong!

If you have been in Miss Watson’s class, you may have heard she is tremendously enthusiastic to be getting married on January 14th! Take the time to congratulate her either beforehand or after her wedding day.

Be sure to greet Miss Watson when you see her and make her feel very welcome, this is her first year with us at Stacey! She is still learning her way around our remarkable campus, so give her a hand if you see her struggling to do something.

Live while you’re young, Cougars! Make your choices in life matter.


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