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Gwyndalynn Kent and Alyssa Manson

Mason Creyaufmiller is an astonishing eighth-grade student here at Stacey Middle School. Mason is really into theatre arts, so he loves watching musicals, traveling, and singing. He adores performing with his theatre group.  So, it is no surprise his summer was full of spectacular events related to his passion.

Mason is really into musicals, which includes watching them and even performing in some of them with his theatre group.  His mom states, “My son is a musical theatre kid, so he has been performing in musical theatre since he was seven and just recently turned thirteen.” 

Mason traveled to three different places over the summer, New York, Iceland, and Gander. The reason he traveled to New York was so he could go see the musical’s Hamilton and Come From AwayOut of all the musicals Mason has seen, his favorite one was Come From Away, which is based on a true story about the Federal Aviation Administration shut down of American Airspace on September 11th, where thousands of passengers were diverted to an Airport in Gander, Newfoundland. 

The story of Gander and the surrounding area taking in passengers from diverting airliners during 9/11 really affected the pair. “You know, especially right now in the United States, there’s a lot of turmoil going on.”

After seeing Come From Away, Mason went all the way to Gander so that he could donate the money he raised at his birthday party for both the Gander SPCA and the Lewisporte Scholarship fund. 

The Gander SPCA is an animal shelter trying to raise money for a new shelter for the animals, and the people working there have a character based on them in Come From Away

Mason not only donated to that fund, but he also donated to the Lewisporte scholarships fund, which is a fund that gives young students of Lewisporte scholarships for college.

While in Gander, he got to meet a couple of the real-life witnesses and survivors that the play Come From Away is based on. Also, a few people heard about what he was doing and came to interview him. In Iceland, he got to do a lot of magnificent things such as ice hunting. He also got to learn all about Iceland.

Mason had a marvelous time this summer doing many things people might never get to do. He got to help a lot of people and animals too.  

It was such a memorable summer that his family made a book that they keep in their home that tells all about their terrific adventures in the summer or 2017. He got to make loads of memories during his fantastic summer that has been appreciated and recognized by many.  

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      Right? Mason is a great student here.


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