A Walk Towards the Future 1

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Avi Walton

Not too far from here, only a walking distance away, is the Goldenwest Community College. This is where our very own AVID program plans on taking a field trip. They are hoping for the chance to learn about what it would take to get into community college, and how to get through community college to a University.

Tuesday, October 10th, the AVID group will take a walking trip to Golden West College. It will be good for the students to see firsthand what college is like, and the tour will hopefully make the idea real to them.

Mrs.Valverde, an AVID teacher here at Stacey, believes that knowing ahead of time how to plan for the future is important. She says, “A dream without a plan, is just a wish.”

You have to have a plan to make it happen. Hopefully, this trip will give students an idea of how to plan their future.

As Mrs. Valverde also says,”The greatest thing about AVID is that we all become an AVID family, and we are all aiming for success together.”

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