The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey 1

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Caitlyn Timmons and Avalyn Walton

A hurricane puts up a fight while raging furiously – its downfall damaging everything in its path, even one that is only a category three.

Hurricane Harvey was one of the most devastating hurricanes America has had in years. Taking place in Houston, Texas, Hurricane Harvey never got to anything more than a category three hurricane. Still, the impact this has had on Houston is unbelievably damaging.

The streets of Houston flooded with water up to the sides of cars, reaching mailboxes, and even making its way inside houses. Of course, with 47 inches of water in some areas, houses were not left in the best condition. One resident, Jennifer Davenport, says that it reached up to eight inches throughout her house. This, believe it or not, was minimal damage to the area where she resides.

 Jennifer’s house is expected to need up to $25,000 in repairs, but Jennifer tells us, “That’s not even the worst of it.” Some residents are going to have to pay over $125,000 for repairs. Roofs were destroyed by rescue helicopters, water damage occurred throughout houses, and even resident’s vehicles were destroyed.

Over 500,000 vehicles in Texas have been ruined by this catastrophic event. Because of all the damage, Jennifer and her husband had to leave their house and stay in their neighbors for the first night. The next day, Jennifer and many other citizens, left her house along with her husband and pets. Riding in kayaks, they paddled to Jennifer’s sister’s house. They still reside there now, the damages being too much to go home.

There is some good that came from all of this, though, Jennifer tells us,”The support is unbelievable.”  A lot of residents agree that the way people have come together after this tragedy is amazing. “They don’t even know us,” Jennifer says. “They just want to help.” It really is amazing to see how even after something as awful as Hurricane Harvey, the people of Houston have come together and supported each other.

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