Construction Crazy Stacey! 10

IMG_5821.JPGMadelyn Fracassa

Boom! Pow! Bang! Do you ever hear these noises during class? Do you ever see construction workers walking around outside of campus? Most importantly, do you see our brand new gymnasium being built? 

If you have or haven’t heard the news yet, you’re in luck because here’s the juice from Stacey Middle’s very own principal Mrs. DeBritton.

Mrs. DeBritton has been a principal at Stacey for six years now, and she will be the first principal to have students use the gym at Stacey. The gym construction started in the “last year at the end of December, beginning of January…” stated Mrs. DeBritton. “The construction is slated to be done by the end of February, beginning of March, but construction always takes longer than expected.”  

She believes the construction will actually be done after spring break as a result of all the rain putting the construction behind schedule last year. So far, the construction has gone smoothly other than the rain.  Mrs. DeBritton doesn’t know of any mistakes that have been made.

“They started the building very quickly after they got the plans approved by the district,” said Mrs.DeBritton, because if not, they might’ve had to make entirely new plans. The plans get approved for modern design, by that I mean the building is up to code with modern safety features. After it gets approved, it should be built asap before a new safety code comes out. If not, and new safety codes are added plans will need to be rewritten and get approved all over again.

We are getting more than just a gym though, we are getting “a new bike rack and a new drop-off,” exclaimed Mrs.DeBritton. Attached to the gym is a band room, but we aren’t getting an exercise room attached because we already have one. They will be updating the exercise room over the summer, though. They are also building a path to the park, so students won’t have to walk through the parking lot and drop off.

All in all, Stacey is getting some major upgrading! What else could the students ask for, besides less homework!?


  1. Can’t wait! This would be the first year at Stacey to have the 8th grade graduation with AC! Last year I was attending my friend’s graduation and it was 94 degrees outside.


  2. Hope they actually finish it for the 8th graders this year. I want to play in the band room too. 🙂


  3. Wait a minute, this is Grass’s article? This is so great, Grass! A+! Number ONE! THUMBS UP 🙂 :0


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