Mrs. Doyle-Math is Cool! 6

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Kevin Luu

Hello, Cougars! Mrs. Doyle, born in Palm Springs, CA, has some things she wants to say. If you are struggling in her classes, her advice is, “Ask for help and use the internet for help.” Mrs. Doyle also states, “I believe students can’t give up and need to have a growth mindset. Don’t give up even if it is hard for you!” 

Mrs. Doyle would be delighted to help those in need of help in her class!

She used to teach at Warner Middle School, Hayden Elementary School, Buena Vista High School, and Colton Middle School.

She loves teaching 7th-grade students math and also taught third-grade science, but she loves math even more.

She was influenced to become a teacher by her first and second-grade teachers. She learned to teach at Humboldt University and started to teach at the year of 2002. 



  1. Mrs. Doyle taught at Warner? Hopefully there weren’t any troubling students back then…


    • Oh, as if!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say that 1 more time + you will trigger me.


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