A Chat With Mr. Vivar 4

mathGavin Mercado

Cougars, welcome one of our newest teachers to Stacey! Rolando Vivar, also known as Mr. Vivar, lives in Huntington Beach and is from Mexico. He moved from Mexico to California when he was just ten years old. His birthday is January 9th and he loves to spend time with his son Oliver. What Mr. Vivar likes to do in his free time is Salsa dance! Mr. Vivar states, “Maybe one day I could start a salsa dance club.”  

Mr. Vivar loves to teach! He chose to teach because it would be a good career choice for him when he was in high school. However, after high school, he became very “undecided.” He wanted to be an architect, artist, soccer player, dance teacher, and even a restaurant manager!

Mr. Vivar can teach all grades, but for now, he teaches 7th. He states, “I like to teach middle school rather than high school because it is easier to re-teach subjects.” He also says, “I want to teach middle school so that I can reach [students] at this point.”

Mr. Vivar says he likes math, he states, “I like math because there is a right or wrong answer.” He also likes helping students that aren’t good at math or don’t like math. He has only taught at one other school, Masuda School. Mr. Vivar thinks that the kids are “wonderful here” at Stacey. He also thinks that the students are “very respectful.” Mr. Vivar loves it here so far!

If you are struggling in Mr. Vivar’s class, he offers his services. He is willing to meet before, or after school. He will even give up his lunch to help you out. Mr. Vivar will definitely be a welcome addition to Stacey’s wonderful teachers!



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