Wowza! It’s Back to School Night Already? 22



Katie Mills

As students know, Back to School Night is here, Wednesday, September 13th. Although students are not expected to come, it is anticipated that at least one parent attends.

Parents will go from class to class just like their children. During each class, teachers will walk the parents through what their students will be learning this year.

At 5:30 p.m., a PTSA meeting will be held in the MPR. They will introduce the officers and give an outline of the activities this year.


6:30 p.m. is when parents will start touring their children’s classrooms. PE classes will be in the MPR.

Students, make sure to give the parents a copy of a personal schedule.

Welcome back, or welcome to Stacey Middle School!


  1. Andy point out a grammar mistake katie made. honestly, i dont see any except in the beginning. As mr. woodruff always said, “you can point out other people’s mistakes if you dont make any mistakes.”


    • Of course you’re not, Grass aka Madelyn Fracassa aka Maddie has 2nd lunch every day.


  2. Everybody, please stop. If you want to resolve personal problems, do it somewhere else. This comment section is for talking about the back to school night. 😤


  3. Agreed and thank you for the reminder. Commenting is a privilege not a right. Abuse will lead to a loss of the privilege for those that do. If you notice a comment has disappeared, you’ll know why.


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