Is AR Really Necessary? 6

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Oanh Tran

For all reading classes, AR has been a contributing factor to grades, but is it really necessary?  In order to pass a reading class, Accelerated Reader, or AR, is a requirement that needs to be accomplished.  Every Language Arts/Reading teacher sets a minimum point goal for each student depending on their Star Reading score.

Goals over the trimester can lead up to over 150 points per trimester (if in 8th-grade honors) which is tedious to most students and sometimes makes it difficult for students keep up in class.  

“Usually at the end of the trimester, I pay attention to AR making me not pay attention to most assignments due in class. And when I am too busy paying attention to AR my effort is not used for my assignments, and my grade goes down.”, says 7th grade Hailey Penn.

Although AR may be overwhelming for students at Stacey, Mariah Escatel, 7th grader believes, “AR is necessary to help make sure students read, but the goals should be lowered so it won’t be as overwhelming throughout the year.”

AR is beneficial, but students should be spending more time working on assignments that involve reading more than just reading books.  Reading should be daily at least 30 minutes, but once goals are complete students feel that AR is pointless.

Also, some students, who preferred to remain anonymous, believe AR limits the books they want to read. Since some books don’t have quizzes in AR, they feel like they can’t read non-AR books. If AR goals are lowered, students would not have the stress of only reading AR books and will be able to read a larger variety of genres or types of books.

Overall, AR should be necessary to ensure students are reading, but point goals should be lowered so it will be stress relieving for students in regular or honors reading.  Lowering point goals, will not only give students time to finish assignments, but it will encourage students to read different varieties of books.


  1. Do you know the number of words that is a required number for students to reach each year in grades 6,7,8? It is 1,000,000 words which is a lot. Being a strong reader makes you a good student. It impacts all subject areas so think positive about AR . Also AR is only 15% of a student’s grade.


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