Paper and Pencil 10

paper and pencilElaine Tong

With the increasing amount of technology, it not only affects our homes but our school environments.

Technology rules several areas of the world today. Actually, it is safe to say our lives technically (pun?) revolve around it. Let’s face it. We use technology for entertainment, communicating, building, and creating. As if we could not have made it worse, we are now working towards incorporating it within our school education. So how does this harm our school, you ask?

Several schools are just now starting to adopt more technology into the curriculum. This means more schoolwork will be completed with the assistance of technology, which will eventually resort to students being given assignments on a technological platform. This limits the interactive process that the normal paper and pencil would provide a child and student, which has been shown to better help a student to remember a material.

Assignments using a computer can be negative for several reasons. First, what if a child can not be provided one? Computer assignments force every student to have a computer in their possession. These automatically assume each student has a working and upgraded computer with a fast and efficient internet. The reality is, even if schools provide computers or Chromebooks, some homes do not have the internet. Sure, some cafes or shops have free wifi, but the school should not be expecting students to visit these places for each and every assignment. It is merely not convenient or plausible for every student.

Also, paper and pencil assignments are evidently more convenient. If a student does not have access to a computer at a certain moment, they can not complete the given homework. It is true that students may use their limited access to computers as an excuse, but in some cases, it really isn’t. After-school activities such as sports, band, or volunteering hinder a student’s schedule. If a student does not have time to return to home for homework, is it really that student’s fault? If classes continue with the classic paper and pencil work, active students are able to easily and quickly finish their homework without stress.

All in all, classes should not incorporate technology exclusively into their teaching. Although a digital platform would be beneficial for certain students, it has been shown the classic paper, and pencil assignments provide better learning and convenience.


  1. great article Elaine! this is one of your last articles since u are leaving middle school to enter high school 😦 I will miss ur amazing and well done articles!


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