Run by Two? Reply

Katelyn Hooker and Denise Mena

The announcements run by only two students? An unlikely event, but true. Every morning, two announcers, Denise Mena and Katelyn Hooker, head up to the office to begin the morning announcements. But after every day, it gets more and more repetitive. Should only two students, (apart from Videography), be running the morning announcements? In the announcer’s eyes, of course not.

Denise Mena:

We feel as though every student in Journalism or Videography should at least try to once to do the morning announcements to at least see what’s it’s like because you never know what it’s like until you try.

Katelyn Hooker:

Every morning, apart from Friday, we head up to the office, sit in a little room where the projector is quiet, and beginning reading. We commonly read what the Broadcast Journalism teacher, Ms.Walters, sends us on a doc in which every teacher and staff member can access.

We also play the morning music on my cell phone. Doing this job every morning apart from Friday does get tiring, so that is why I believe other students should contribute. I believe this because all the pressure of trying not to mess up on the announcements is just too much to handle, especially if it’s every day.

Denise Mena:

I believe other students should contribute to the announcements because it’s important for everyone to at least have the experience. Also, when students have already tried once they have a glimpse and they can teach other students or they can continue doing it.  

Katelyn Hooker:

Also, public speaking is a good way to practice for the future. If more than two girls do it every morning, no other students looking to be leaders will be able to practice. And it is important as stated by Carmine Gallo, “Seventy percent of employed Americans who give presentations agree that presentation skills are critical to their success at work.”

Denise Mena:

When doing the morning announcements, it shows someone how to become responsible and the more people that do the morning announcements, the more people become responsible.

Katelyn Hooker:

“I agree with the statement that that more people should do the announcements because it would add variety,” says Mason Nguyen.

Maily Nguyen also believes more people should be doing the announcements.

Finally, it may be concluded that the announcements should be run by more than two students because it prepares willing students for the future, and teaches them to be more responsible in everything they do.  



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