High Desert Roundup 4


Katelyn Hooker

With about 43 on one Jeep trail, Barstow’s High Desert Roundup was a success! The level three trail rating was Achy Breaky, a trail for lifted jeeps. “Lifted jeeps” means that the jeep is more elevated than most jeeps or off-road based cars. This elevation helps the car climb over rocks and rough terrain. Almost all 43 cars had this suspension, and the cars that didn’t has a hard time tackling Achy Breaky’s hills. The group of jeeps left during Memorial Day weekend at 8:15, and returned at about 3:00 p.m.  

Going along with trail ratings, though Achy Breaky is rated three, there are other options. Trail rating numbers range from 2 to 5. The High Desert Roundup also had other trails. One night trail led to a vista in which the stars shined perfectly. Another trail was called Calico and went through the desert hills, like Achy Breaky.

But before all of this excitement, when you sign in, a Jeep organization called GenRight held a cornhole tournament. Two individuals would play against another set of people, and whoever won would play against another group until the starting group beat all the teams.  

Sadly, one of the Jeep’s brakes started malfunctioning and had to leave.

More Jeep festivities such a Forest Fest on June 16th in Big Bear, CA, will have a raffle for a green, lifted jeep, and the best part of it all? It is only five dollars.  


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