Extra Credit Brings Down Grades? 8

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Evelyn Huynh

Students know that doing extra credit work is a great way to boost up grades, however after awhile, they start to bring down grades.

When a student does extra credit work, it puts more points into that specific category in Jupiter grades. However, once that category has over 100% and he or she does more work in that category, it starts to bring down the grades in both the category and overall grade because the average goes down.

For example, if a student already has 100% in the project category and they get 10 points of extra credit, they would have a total of 110% in the project category. Let’s say they got 100% on another project. They check their grade and they see that it went down. This creates an upset because even though the student got an A+, it still brought their grade down.

“I personally think that if they changed the extra credit system, it would benefit many more students,” states Hailey Penn.

Many students have experienced things like this. One way that this could be solved is to add in all the extra credit points at the end of each trimester. That way, problems such as grades decreasing while the trimester is still ongoing will be solved.

Overall, extra credit is efficient in bringing up grades; however, the system should be changed so that grades don’t decrease after students reach 100%  is in each a category.


  1. Yeah, it’s true. Once I had over 100 for extra credit, it started bringing me down.


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