Girl Power Luncheon 7

Katelyn Hooker and Oanh Tran

Students who enrolled in Girl Power recently attended the end of the trimester luncheon. The luncheon, on May 18th, was for committed members who attended a majority of the meetings. 

Each girl was allowed to invite an important female in their life, including family members and teachers.  The girl power group designed flyers for the luncheon used as an invitation.   

Tables were set up and each girl has brought a small dish.  There were cookies, chips, pizza, etc.  During the luncheon, each girl had a chance to share about what they learned during their time at Girl Power.

Towards the end of the ceremony, every member received a pink certificate.  Fifteen girls attended during first lunch.  The next luncheon for 7th and 8th graders was during 2nd lunch on, May 23, Tuesday.  Overall this year forty-five girls have attended one or more Girl Power meetings.

Tuesdays Luncheon:

On Tuesday, May 23th, Girl Power had their second luncheon. For food, the organization had pizza, Oreos, normal chocolate chip cookies, frosted cookies, and arrangements of fruit. All the tables in Ms. Mondt’s room were full, with inspiring female teachers and family members.

Ms. Mondt says she has done Girl Power for 10 years and will hopefully continue for the years to come.     


  1. Kate told me that this is 2nd lunch girl power and it was taken on Tuesday. Like duh, 1st lunch girl power is on a Thursday.


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