Are Ukuleles the Best Instrument? 2

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Katelyn Hooker

From flutes to trombones, to trumpets, Stacey has them all. But, aside from all the classical music, there is a group with an instrument that might be the best instrument for the beach. Ukulele Club!

The seven club members meet every Thursday from 3:00-4:00 pm in H1 to learn and practice with their Ukuleles to sound very professional. Here’s the history behind it all:

Mr. Thorsen, the instructor of the club, said that quite a few students start out in Ukulele Club, but eventually leave. This is due to their interest in other clubs. He said the group usually starts out with around 25 to 30 students. The ones that remain truly love their instrument.

Mr. Thorsen has been teaching the club for 11 years now and started gathering his knowledge of the ukulele in Hawaii. “A librarian at an elementary school that I taught at had a box of ukuleles that were broken and she asked if I wanted to fix them and maybe teach kids how to play.” After that, he started fixing other ukuleles and using the fixed ones with his students.

Then when he came to California, he did the same thing. When he first arrived, someone told him that there was a famous ukulele player/musician named Bill Tapia and Mr. Thorsen eventually took lessons with the famous man. Bill taught him a lot of famous traditional songs.

The Ukulele Club usually performs two times a year, one performance being at Multicultural Night. At the end of the year, they perform at Huntington Beach at a place called Island Bizarre where people can buy ukuleles.  

He said the reason he likes teaching the ukuleles is: “It is easy for kids to learn, you can buy a ukulele for under 25 dollars, it’s affordable, and everybody has a lot of fun.”

Mr. Thorsen also mentioned that the ukulele isn’t originally from Hawaii, but it is originally from Portugal.

When asked if the ukulele is his favorite instrument, he said this: “I think it is one of the best instruments, and it is fun and easy to learn, and people really enjoy it.”


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