BTS Storms the BBMAs 7

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Elaine Tong

The Billboard Music Awards is known as an event where artists are invited to receive awards for “Outstanding Chart Performance”. The Billboard, a well-known publication and music popularity chart, hosts this honor. Finalists of these awards are based on digital sales, streaming, touring, social activity, and radio broadcasts, which means fans work specifically hard for this event. This year, the BBMAS was held on May 21, at 5:00 PM PDT. However, this year there were changes that had a certain fandom determined to bring the win for their favorite group.

BTS is the first ever K-Pop group nominated for the BBMAs, and the second Korean artist after PSY. BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a Korean boy band managed by the company BigHit with a large fandom called the ARMY. BTS was nominated for the Top Social Artist Award, setting ARMYs up to compete against Justin Bieber’s Beliebers, Selena Gomez’s Selenators, Ariana Grande’s Arianators, and Shawn Mendes’ fans. Although a challenging task, BTS emerged victorious.

The Top Social Artist Award is awarded to the artist with the most active fanbase. There were only two ways of voting. Fans voted via Twitter using the official tags: #BTSBBMAs, #JustinBBMAs, #SelenaBBMAs, #ArianaBBMAs, and #ShawnBBMAs. Fans tweeted or retweeted the hashtags. An alternate way to vote was also by voting on the BBMA site. Each fan was limited to 100 votes on each day for each method. Meaning, a fan could have voted 200 times in one day. Votes via Twitter did not count if there was more than one hashtag included.

Being nominated itself was a great feat on its own. Justin Bieber’s follower count on Twitter lists 94.3 million followers, while Ariana Grande’s followers count as 45.4 million, coming close to Selena Gomez’s 47.3 million followers. Shawn Mendes also has a follower count of 9.8 million.

Compared to those great number of followers, BTS only has a follower count of 5.7 million.

However, this should not have been a reason to underestimate the ARMY when it comes to voting. Their fandom was known to be extremely active on social media with tens of thousands of likes and retweets within just 30 seconds after a tweet, and hundreds of thousands of likes within a few hours.

Because of this activeness, fans from western artists are shocked to see the dedication when it came to voting. Voting for Top Social Artist Award began on May 1. BTS reached a record-breaking number of 20 million votes within the first 18 hours.  

BTS attended the Billboard Music Awards at the T-Mobile Arena within Las Vegas, Nevada along with walking the Red Carpet. This had fans excited to witness their artists walk down the Red Carpet with their outfits and styling.

Voting ended on May 21. The Billboard Music Awards were streamed for the first time on Twitter.

Music releases and certain alerts of BTS can be found on their company’s official youtube channel, Their recent full album, Wings, was one of the best-selling albums of all time. Afterward, they released a repackaged album called You Never Walk Alone, which included four new songs that included their most recent music videos “Not Today” and “Spring Day”. They have four music videos that have reached 100 million views on YouTube, including “Dope”, “Fire”, “Boy in Luv”, and “Blood, Sweat, Tears” from their album Wings.


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