Trump’s Biggest Accomplishments… And Failures 14

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Kelsey Bisetti

Everybody seems to have an opinion. That’s a great thing for a debate team, but an awful thing for a journalist trying to get the story right.

It’s been a nightmare trying to sort out all this nonsense about Trump’s first 100 days. Some say he’s already made America great again; others say he’s done absolutely nothing of what he promised. There are even those who feel what he has been able to accomplish has done great and possibly irreparable harm. There is evidence to show that all sides are partially right. So to sort it all out, let’s take a closer look at what our new president promised during his campaign.


1.) Develop A Task Force Devoted To Reducing Crime, Especially Related To Drugs And Violence

Trump promised several times throughout his campaign to better train police officers and develop a devoted task force committed to minimizing violent crime and, soon after he took his place as president, he fulfilled this promise.

2.) Get Rid Of Certain Aspects Of The Background Check Associated With Buying A Gun

In the Obama-era, when one wanted to purchase a gun, a full-blown background check would be triggered, including any disability insurance under the purchaser’s name. This law was demolished about a month into Trump’s presidency because he felt it endangered the rights of law-abiding citizens.

3.) Unemployment Rates At An All Time Low!

Unemployment rates have dropped to 4.5%– The lowest they’ve been since 2007! Of course, many speculate that this is the aftereffects of the Obama era and that it may soon change due to the current rate of job production, but for the time being, we can consider this a victory.

4.) XL Keystone Pipeline

This was originally halted by his predecessor, Obama, but within his first few weeks in office, Donald Trump put the Keystone Pipeline into action. When construction is finished, it will produce hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil every single day.


1.) Repeal And Replace Obamacare

Though a plan was put in place to revise the American Health Care Act, it hasn’t yet passed the Senate. Recently, it passed the House Of Representatives, but it will still be a while before we hear about its next step. It very narrowly passed House, so many speculate it will be stalled again or be vastly revised in the Senate.

2.) The Most Amazing Wall In The World– Free Of Charge!

Alright, this wall will definitely real, but the whole “free of charge” thing, isn’t exactly true. Trump has consistently said that this wall will be paid for solely by Mexico. A Little reminder: The Mexican government NEVER agreed to that! If these charges are laid onto the U.S., it would be dreadful. Anywhere from ten to twenty-five billion taxpayer dollars could be used on this project!

3.) Rebuild Our Depleted Military

Trump has sought money to rebuild what he’s deemed a “depleted military”, but hasn’t yet seen the payment, nor has he begun work on defeating ISIS. However, he’s started by banning citizens of certain countries from entering the US.

4.) Muslim Travel Ban

Trump has tried endlessly to devise a way of keeping Muslims out of our country for “safety purposes,” but many have called the judge who put a stop to this plan a hero. Of course, our president still continues to revise his idea and find a way to get it passed.

Of course, Donald Trump promised dozens of things during his campaign, and he has accomplished some. For his supporters, this a reason to be uplifted and hopeful. For those opposed to his agenda, it is a reason to shore up the resistance. One thing is certain, nothing has been accomplished to bring the sides together. THAT would truly make America great.


      • but he said thats how we should pay for it

        “Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will keep Americans safe and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals across our southern border.’


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