What Even Is West Arts? 6

Mariah Escatel and Averi Farren

Some may call it “Stacey Theater Club,” while others prefer “Drama Club.” But, what really is West Arts?

What even is West Arts?

West Arts is a non-profit arts program. They produce high-quality student productions. West Arts trains participants in singing, acting, and dancing, while at the same time bringing family and community together. Their goal is to “Keep the arts alive!”

West Arts runs the musicals, dramatic plays, mainstage shows, and also have a performance ensemble dance/choir group here at Stacey. Each year, they have a winter musical, a dramatic play, a spring musical, and a summer musical. In between all of those shows, West Arts produces a mainstage show allowing performance ensemble participants from sixth grade through college.

West Arts is a great program that gives students a chance to open up to others and break down their invisible wall. They recommend people with all levels of experience.

“West Arts is a really enjoyable program, and you get to meet a lot of new friendly faces that will be performing with you, and everyone is just really nice there, and they all treat you like family,” actress Katelyn Mills states.

When asked how Mariah Escatel feels about being a part of West Arts for the past six, going on seven performances, she said, “I really like West Arts, I think that they are a really fun and professional program. I’ve made a family with many of the other actors/actresses, and I really feel like I’m at home when I act with them. They have taught me how to act from the beginning.”

Is it related to the elective, Drama/choir?

No. West Arts is an after school program. West Arts is not related in any way to Stacey’s drama elective.

When is practice?

Practice is held every Tuesday and Thursday for the musicals. For the dramatic plays, practice is held on Wednesdays. Unfortunately, the spring show has already begun, but the next available show is either the summer or winter show.

What is done during practice?

During practice, members learn a number of dances and songs to perform during a play. The plays will be performed a couple of months after starting practice once all the cast members learned their scripts and dance numbers.

How do I audition for a lead role?

To audition for a lead role, one first must prepare for it. Audition prep is held after ensemble practice. During audition prep, the staff members will teach the songs to audition for each role.

Who is in charge of West Arts?

One of Stacey’s own noontime supervisors, Edward Munoz, otherwise known as Ed, is in charge of West Arts productions as well as the director for the musicals. Still, he doesn’t do the job alone. He is assisted by his musical director, Ann-Louise (Meet West Arts New Musical Director) and his stage crew.

Where is practice?

Practice is held in Stacey’s multipurpose room.  After school, students just head over to the Multipurpose room, and the employees will inform them what to do from there.


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