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Mariah Escatel

ATTENTION Stacey Students! You might have forgotten, but teachers appreciation week is this week! It is merely Wednesday so you have some time to show your teachers that you care!

Do not overlook this week simply because you didn’t get a flyer for it. It is a real thing. Show the people who create doctors, lawyers, firemen and more that they truly are special and appreciated. 

One simple way to show them that you care is by saying, “You are a great teacher.” Although, your teachers probably will still appreciate some flowers or chocolates as well.


  1. To my teachers who are reading this, I want to tell you that you’re an amazing teacher. Keep up the hard work! Here are some imaginary flowers and chocolates for you. 💐 🍫 😆


  2. Let’s see…Mrs. Doyle deserves to be appreciated, Same for Mrs. Airth, Maybe for Mr. BIschof, Yes for Mrs. Ibbetson, Yes for Mr. Dandridge + surely for Mrs. Sass


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