District Choir Concert 2

Delaney Powell

The students in the Stacey choir were joined from schools all over the district to sing here at Stacey on Monday, April 3rd. The performance was in the multi-purpose room at  6:00 pm. The students came from schools like Schroeder Elementary to Webber. We even had some students from schools from the outer part of the district drive for almost half an hour to get to Stacey so they could sing!

A few years ago, a teacher at Webber Elementary decided she wanted to have a choir, it started out as just a school thing, but when other teachers at other schools heard of it, they started a school choir too, after a few years of having school performances, the teachers got together and decided they would start a district choir.

Ms. Sale, an English teacher here at Stacey, has a theater arts class in which takes part in the choir. “It helps the kids come out of their shell.” says Sale. “I wish we had a little more say in which songs get chosen, but it’s a great opportunity to sing with other kids from other schools.”


  1. Hey, is that Webber teacher Mrs. Chamberlain? Former Webber Wolfpack, you know what I’m talking about.


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