No XL? 4

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Kelsey Bisetti


With all the recent drama concerning TrumpCare, the wall, and the travel ban, the Keystone XL Pipeline kind of got swept under the rug. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious controversy.

Keystone XL is a direct oil pipeline running from Alberta, Canada to Steele City, Nebraska. As opposed to the old pipeline mimicking this one, this is a much faster route, raking in about 3,486,000 gallons of oil a day.

Construction would employ about 28,000 workers and ease dependance on the Middle East. Not to mention, the increased availability of supplies would lead to lower prices for customers.

Despite its many bright sides, this is a highly disputed issue. Protesters have been standing outside government buildings with signs and chants of “No XL.”

One reason for this is Environment Canada has found many industrial chemicals to be contaminating ground water, as well as the Athabasca River. This would pose a serious threat to many local communities.

Unfortunately or thankfully, depending on whom you ask, on Friday, March 24, President Trump issued the final permit necessary to begin construction. The Environmental Protection Agency, however, had advised him strongly not to do so.

According to former President Obama, this pipeline will not lower gasoline prices for the public, create long-term employment, or decrease energy dependence. This, of course, presents the question of who to believe. Every news site and political official will make a different claim, causing serious confusion concerning these claims.

It has been shown, though, that, once construction has been completed, only about 35 workers would find it to be a permanent employment.

There are currently too many protests and upcoming steps for a proper time frame, but more updates will be coming soon.


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