Do Not DIY Stacey! 6


Katelyn Hooker

Student-run businesses on campus have surfaced once again at Stacey. The first was slime. Recently, it has become spinners, aka fidgets. But what is with these bans?

Primarily, the Westminster School District expressly prohibits students from running a business of any kind on any of the district’s campuses. So there is that.

Also, according to the morning announcements, kids were hiding slime under desks where it stuck damaging the property. Slime can also be too sticky leading to kids with messy hands. These messy hands touch Chromebooks, pencils, paper, and desks, also ruining the property.

Along with slime being a burden to teachers, kids have been getting injured while making slime from the chemical that activates it. Borax, the common activator of slime, can lead to first degree burns when handled without proper care and adult supervision.

“I understand that slime made a mess and was a distraction,” says Ellie Atkins, a previous slime seller. She said that kids were irresponsible with it so it was a hassle.

The spinners or “fidgets” also aren’t allowed due to students selling them and the fact that they too have been causing distractions in classrooms. 

A sixth-grade student named Griffin Soto says he doesn’t play with fidgets that often, and doesn’t care for the ban.

All in all, slime and fidgets were just too big of a distraction for Stacey students and needed to be banned. What will the kids do now for fun? The answer still remains a mystery.


  1. People, I’m 1 of those nerds who sometimes get in on trends but never ever use/sell/make slime and/or fidget spinners.


  2. People will still break the rules and instead do it more often. But slime I get why they need to be banned. Fidget Spinners I think they should not be banned because mainly kids have still been paying attention in class their grades aren’t really changing or getting lower. But mostly us kids need something calm us down it helps relieve our nerves somehow. They are also a great science project because it has potential energy and ceramic barrings how long they can spin with the power of friction. All I need to say is “Don’t ban Fidget Spinners!”


    • xr7boy Sorry Mrs. DeBritton already banned it, but get this: she banned it, but she has a fidget spinner herself.


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