Ask Sam: Two – Timing 15

**Disclaimer: the following Ask Sam originally contained names of students, (Which are now blurred out with asterisks). For future Ask Sams, please use pseudonyms.

Dear Sam,

I like this girl named ********. I also like her friend, *******, a little bit. How can I make this, so it’s not awkward?


Cool Nerdy person


Dear Cool Nerdy Person,

It’s tough to have a crush on two at the same time. To start off, here is a quick tip. These girls are people too! You need to remember that the two girls that you have a crush on experience real emotions as well. They may not be okay with the fact that you are choosing between the two like an ice cream flavor. Now since that is out of the way, Ask yourself, “Do I like both of them equally?” If you like one more than the other, then you are set. Another question to ask yourself is, “Does this girl treat me kindly?” If one of them treats you rudely, or “shoos” you away, she may not be a girl to have a crush on. If you are still stuck on which one of them to pick, try asking one of them how they feel towards you. If she isn’t necessarily interested in a relationship, then move on and try the next. Once again, these girls are entitled to their own opinion and choice as well. If they both aren’t interested, don’t take it the wrong way.




  1. Hi, I am Andy Pham, and I am CoolNerdyPerson. I’ve just come here to say Thanks for the advice + that I will only tell the actual names to people I know that can keep a secret. If you’re a man person, I won’t tell you. If you’re a person who gossips, I will definitely not tell you. I will only tell the names to nice people like Jaclyn or Grass. Buh bye, + have a nice weekend!


  2. Dear a nerdy + cool girl who’s copying me, really? Worst timing ever. 😦 ): :0 😮 :O


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