The Community Circle of Help 2

Katelyn Hooker and Oanh Tran

Progress reports are on their way, and Mrs. Mondt has been holding community circles with students to help to talk about grades once a week. The number of students in this community circle this week was seven.  

There were students in the circle discussing one after another about what has been happening with their grades. When a student has low grades, she talks to them individually, with no interruptions.

Mrs. Mondt makes sure each student’s grades are being kept up even when at risk. Mrs. Mondt likes to address her students as “friends,” to make them feel more welcome. She does a great job motivating the students with encouraging words like: “Make sure you study friends!”  

Each circle gathering focusses on progress. Mrs Mondt, asks questions about assignments from different classes. She enjoys seeing the students improve over the time when attending these meetings. Right now, she is talking about progress with the students who are at risk and those who are not at risk. She gives participants Cougar Cash at the end of the session for their participation. Some of her last words were, “Be positive students!”

Students are always welcome to Mrs. Mondt’s room for Girl Power (if you are a girl) or if you need to talk about grades. She is open to every student from all classes!    


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