Extreme Winds Unanimous Superior and Excellence Reply

Oanh Tran and Evelyn Huynh

After receiving Unanimous Superior, Stacey’s Extreme Winds managed to get two more Unanimous Superior and two Excellence rankings on April 27th. As the only middle school invited, they competed against high school band players, who were also at a high level.  

“When we got there we had to go to a classroom and leave our instruments there because we had to go take pictures. After, taking pictures we went to a big practice room where we get our instrument tuned up. Later, our high school guide led us to the stage where we performed. After that, we had to go to a band room similar to our’s here at Stacey except for a bit smaller for sight reading,” says 7th-grade band member Thao Le.

The Unanimous Superior ranking is the highest and the excellence is the second highest ranking.  “Overall, I’m not really disappointed because we competed against high schoolers older than us and still received two superior rankings,” states Thao Le.    

The group of fifty students performed in front of three judges on a balcony with several parents and other schools watching the performance.  

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