8th Grade Honors Newspaper News 1

Elaine Tong and Justin Pham

The newspaper project specifically roots from Mrs. Ortega’s ELA classes. This project has a reputation as it is assigned each year.

To start off, students choose a grade-level book fitted to their taste that they have not yet taken an AR test on. They then have a month to finish and take the AR test. It is also mandatory to take notes in any form that involves annotating or post-it notes, which needs to occur during the time of reading.

As repeated by past students and Mrs. Ortega herself, this project is not one to procrastinate on. It requires lots of perseverance and is a project that is supposed to challenge students’ minds.

Mrs. Ortega takes two solid days to explain the whole project and what to do while showing students examples of past projects. Students are also given two packets to help provide an insight of the expected criteria and prepare students. There are many things that students must have in their final product, and the packets are supposed to be the guidelines that students need to go by in order to succeed on the project.

It is important to remember not to turn the project in late. If that happens, the final grade will be deducted a whole letter. The due date is May 18th.

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