Girls Basketball Team: Announcement 5

Screenshot 2017-05-02 at 1.46.11 PM

Oanh Tran

Girls basketball tryouts at the end of March were successful attracting plenty of participants. This week, the team has been formed with sixteen girls who were chosen including Kayla Chen, Annabelle Edwards, Lily Foster, Madelyn Fracassa, Emma Kirby, Renee Mangold, Emily Marsh, Honey Nguyen, Gwen Ontiveros, Katelyn Pham, Alicia Rodriguez, Jeileen Sifuentes, Vivian Trieu, Lexi VanHorn, Katrina Vo, and Vanessa Luong. 

Both the boys’ and girls’ basketball team will be competing soon against Warner and Johnson May 2nd.  Hopefully, the girls will successfully dominate both teams.  A practice was on Monday, May 1st, and the games begin on May 2nd and go throughout next week on the 9th.  Good luck Cougars!


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