ANNOUNCEMENT! State Testing Is Coming Up 6

rock the test.png

Evelyn Huynh

Attention, Cougars!

State testing is coming up soon! Testing will start May 8th and will last the whole week. Math state testing is on Monday and Tuesday, while Thursday and Friday are testing days for language arts. Homeroom classes will be extended to accommodate the test. The same schedule will take place on Thursday and Friday for the ELA portions.  

Electronic devices will not be allowed to be out while testing is taking place. Students will need to turn in their phones to their homeroom teacher before the testing window. They will get them back at the end of the testing session for the day. The only time students are allowed to utilize technology is for the actual test.

When they finish and are waiting for the testing window to be over, they may not be on their Chromebooks, phones, or any e-reading devices. It is important to follow these rules. If a student does not follow the rules, their score, and possibly the school’s scores will be compromised.

The language arts state test has curriculum such as research, reading comprehension, grammar, and writing. For math, students are tested on the Common Core Math standards for their grade level. Seventh-grade concepts will include working with integers and rational numbers, proportional reasoning, and geometry.

The test has a variety of testing methods. There will be some multiple choice, some short answer and a performance task portion that will require students to write and explain the reasoning behind their answers.

When Mrs. Doyle was asked what she expected of her students, she responded with, “I expect my students that have been putting in effort all year to do well. When you work and practice at something, the results show!”

Do well on your tests, Cougars!


  1. I seriously hope I get a good score on the ELA test. I suck at ELA in general + writing, but I’m good at spelling.


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