After Open House 1

Katelyn Hooker and Oanh Tran

Open House was a success along with the Farmer’s Market as it came into full swing on April 26th.  

The Farmer’s Market drew crowds of parents and students with rows of decadent and colorful fruit. Multiple Garden Club members ran the stand doling out fruit and collecting money for the club.    

All parents who attended received insight into what students have been doing since the beginning of the 2nd trimester. Parents scattered the school grounds popping into classrooms exploring work and learning more about what their child has been learning.

Alyssa Scribner, a student here at Stacey said, “My parents were most entertained in my math class.”

Brooke Vanwaardenburg says, “My parents were very interested in what I was doing in Science.”

Some students attended with their parents, guiding their parents through Stacey and showing off current projects and work.  

Mrs.Cleckler, a 7th-grade science teacher, had her students make disease brochures for parents to see. She also displayed student notebooks and 8th-grade projects.

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