What Even is Broadcast Journalism? 12

0425171352_HDR-1Mariah Escatel, and Averi Farren

What even is Broadcast Journalism?

Broadcast Journalism is an elective for students at Stacey Middle School. It is for those who have a passion for writing and want to participate as a during school activity.

Isn’t it like, really boring?

On the contrary, the elective is far from boring. Some students describe it as, “A free period” as long as you get your story in.

8th grader Delaney said when asked how she would describe the beloved period, “Umm it’s very open space. We have some interesting conversation. You get the freedom to express what you like in forms of writing. Ms. Walters is a good role model, and she teaches us the proper form for publication writing. ”

“Journalism is fun because you get to express yourself through writing, ya know. And like it is just.. it is for people who like to write you know. Like writing, you pour your emotions in words. It is like drawing in the formal words. It’s like painting on a canvas. It’s an art,” said 8th grader Justin Pham.

What are the standards to get into Journalism?

The standards for the new upcoming year are similar to last years. One of the recommended standards on the application was to have a combined GPA of 2.5 or higher. If you considering the journalism elective, you should be familiar with Instagram and a bit of video taking. Ms. Walters would like to have students who usually or always turn in their work on time. To apply, you must write a 300 word, or less, essay about how broadcast journalism will enhance every student’s experience at Stacey Middle School.

What do you do in Broadcast Journalism?

Broadcast Journalism writes and publishes articles, polls, announcements, stories, etc. to our school’s news website The Cougar Chronicle.

How does Broadcast Journalism work?

Broadcast Journalism works every day during 7th period (2016-2017). The journalists work on editing and publishing stories to the school’s news website so students can read the stories and even leave comments to the writer. There is only one period of Broadcast Journalism.

How do I join Broadcast Journalism?

At the moment, Broadcast Journalism is full for the year. Since it is an elective, you will have to apply at the end of the year to be considered for the following year.  Most students who apply are accepted. 

Who is in Broadcast Journalism?

Currently, there are 13 students in Broadcast Journalism. Sadly though, 4 of those students are eighth graders and will be sent off next year, so next year Journalism will be in need of new participants.

How do I find Stacey’s school news site? Aka ‘The Cougar Chronicle’?

Go to Stacey Middle School (http://stacey.wsdk8.us/) then click “Links” and find the drop down that says “Important Stacey Links” click on “Cougar Chronicle” which will be the second link from the top. Or, type in the google search box “CougarChronicle.me” and the news site will pop up immediately.

What teacher is in charge of Broadcast Journalism?

Mrs. Walters is a language arts teacher for 7th grade, and the Broadcast Journalism teacher. Mrs. Walters loves all of her students, and she is sad to see the 8th graders leave. She highly suggests you give Journalism a try next year.

“I think journalism is the right elective for you if you like to be creative, if you like to be involved in what’s going on at school, and if you like to share your voice,” states Broadcast Journalism teacher Ms. Walters.


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