Weekly Art! Reply

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Justin Pham

Hey, Cougars! So this is what’s going on in art.

Students are working on a new project in Advanced Art this week. The projects are Picasso-inspired portrait projects where they take different materials and piece them together to create a beautiful portrait of themselves!

First, students take construction paper, where they then sketch their portraits using a mechanical pencil. After the drawing is finished and approved by Mrs. Karsh, students are then going to lay a piece of wax paper on top of the construction paper and carefully retrace their sketch onto it. After they are finished with that, the fun part begins!

While students were working on their sketching and tracing, Mrs. Karsh had laid out various different colorful papers, magazines, and newspapers so that when students are finished with their sketches, the materials they need are ready for them. After tracing and sketching, students will select a variety of papers, magazines, and newspapers to cut out and to place onto cardboard boxes, which will be the backing of the finished product. The finished products will amazing, really resembling a piece created by Picasso!

Art is an inspiring class where students are able to unlock their imagination and learn to express their insightful ideas in the form of creativity. Students are able to experiment with many different art supplies, including paint, marker pens, and papier mache. Students are encouraged to join Art for their elective class, and they won’t be disappointed. Art is fun, after all!

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