Journalism: Come join us! 10


Mika Mendoza

Stacey Middle School 2016-17 Journalism class is full of interesting kids. Sadly, some of our writers are going away for high school next year. So this little write up is to inform as to why should join journalism next year.

“Journalism is fun,” says eighth-grader Justin Pham.

Another eighth-grade journalism staff member, Delaney Powell says, “I think journalism is pretty darn cool.”

Overall, Journalism has had a really good run this year, but without our 8th graders class will be smaller. So, the current journalism members would love if more students would sign up for journalism next year. It does not require an expert writing ability. Everyone has something to contribute.

Ms. Walters is a helpful and cheerful teacher. She says, “Journalism? I love journalism, I have the best students ever.”


  1. journalism is a fun elective and i think there was that one person,, elaine?? shes a super good writer and her articles are great!! journalism is lucky to have her !!


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