Gender Equality 44

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Jordyn Russell and Delaney Powell

Globally, one in three women experiences gender-based violence in her lifetime. One in three.

Although there is solid evidence proving gender inequality, it is still an issue many refuse to believe.

In a previous article, “Gender Rolls, the Worst Kind of Bread,” written on this topic, many interesting comments were prompted about sexism. The article featured a few of the school’s feminists. It also featured an anonymous contributor who had strong opinions on the subject.

For this article, we thought we would include some of his comments to show a different perspective. He wrote, “I’m not trying to offend anybody of any race or religion. I just simply scratch my head at the fact feminism still exists in the West, and our Middle School supports it. The way I look at it, you can’t really be a full-fledged feminist without having bias about everything you hear.” That is likely true. Although, to be truthful, the same could be said for anyone that identifies as anti-feminist.

He continued, ”What about their cultures and how women are oppressed over there [in third-world countries]? Where women can’t wear what they want and are more or less basically treated like slaves? Remember when women in the United States couldn’t vote? Remember when women in the United States didn’t have the right to call a divorce, only the man? Remember when women in the United States didn’t have equal pay? Remember when women in the United States were treated like slaves and actually kept in kitchens like servants . . . ? Remember when women in the United States couldn’t join the military because they were “too weak” or “too much of a liability”? But now Bravery has no gender! SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, IT’S ALL GONE, WELCOME TO THE PRESENT MY FRIEND, WAKE UP.”

The data does not support the viewpoint that it is “ALL GONE.” Nevertheless, this viewpoint still exists.

In a survey done by the Pew Research Center, 56% of men believe, “that challenges women once faced have basically been eliminated,” with 75% of those being Republican.

The facts, though, speak differently.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, not a feminist organization, women still face a significant wage gap with full-time wage and salary jobs earning roughly 83% of men’s median weekly earnings, sometimes less depending on the profession. For example, women in legal professions earn only 56.7% of what men earn. Women are also largely overlooked for promotions and account for only 4.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs.

In politics, women make up only 19.4% of the House and 20% of the Senate, a severe underrepresentation especially when women account for more than half of the U.S. population. And we’ve yet to have a woman President.

Additionally, women’s healthcare is widely overlooked in science and women are often excluded from clinical trials.

All this exists on top of the fact that women also still have to fight every day to make decisions about their own bodies, and the fear of sexual assault persists. Remember, one in three women experiences gender-based violence in her lifetime.

Whether believed or not, unfortunately, gender inequality remains a major barrier to human development. Girls and women have made major strides since 1990, but they have not yet gained gender equity.

The disadvantages facing women and girls are a major source of inequality. All too often, as stated, women and girls are discriminated against in health, education, political representation, labor market, etc., with adverse consequences for the development of their capabilities and their freedom of choice.

Only five countries in the world have closed 80% or more of the equality gap between genders according to the World Economic Forum, and the United States is not one of them.

Fortunately, we as Californians have one of the highest percentages of acceptance for not only gender but sexuality, race, and religion. This is the same for all the western states, but once one goes a bit east to states like Texas or Kansas, there is a rapid decline from 80% acceptance in California to only 30% in Texas.

Here at Stacey students weighed in on the topic. “I think the way people are leaning is male or female, we should all be equal,” Loren Morris a seventh a grader here at Stacey feels.

“We shouldn’t care what race, gender, religion we all are. We are all humans,” says seventh grader Daniel Zarate.

Christian Cirelli, another seventh-grader says, “Why does it matter who we are or who we like? We should judge people on their character.”

Additionally, according to many studies by the United Nations and Global Goals say women and men are lead to believe many socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes such as how to dress and act. Many adolescents feel pressured to be manly or ladylike.

Boys especially feel this pressure to be manly. “You see girls wearing more gender- neutral things theses days but if a guy wants to wear something even slightly girly we get ridiculed for being ‘gay,’” says a source that requests to remain secret.

“I feel when it comes to gender roles, we’ve made a lot of progress for females but everyone just assumes boys are okay with staying the way we are,” says Daniel Zarate.

Boys and girls are taught to believe that they are supposed to follow certain gender expectations, to not act like the opposite gender, but it should be okay to be who you are.


  1. Let’s get to the rundown here folks!

    “And we’ve yet to have a woman President.”
    Now, I’m assuming you’re saying we should have a woman as a president, considering the fact this article is all about “”gender equality”” simply because it would be a woman. If that’s the case, I’m actually scoffing at how stupid this interpretation is. It’s like voting for a African-American foreigner who doesn’t understand what America is all about over an average White Person who has done his math, making sure he’s following the constitution. That would never happ- oh wait…

    Also, just because women don’t make up half of the Senate or Congress, that doesn’t mean it’s “sexist”, if you think it’s so “sexist”, then become a member of our Congress or Senate. Nothing but your thoughts are holding you back (and the fact we’re currently underage for it, but that’s besides the point)

    “Additionally, women’s healthcare is widely overlooked in science and women are often excluded from clinical trials.”

    As of April 6th, 2017 “D.C. Council passes resolution to protect women’s health care coverage.” That’s not going anywhere, where’s the proof women are often excluded from clinical trials? I’d love to review this, very interesting.

    “Wage Gap is real”

    You do realize women get paid nearly as much as men, but there are a few deductions for their bonuses like maternity leave and such?

    “All this exists on top of the fact that women also still have to fight every day to make decisions about their own bodies, and the fear of sexual assault persists. Remember, one in three women experiences gender-based violence in her lifetime.”

    Now, I have to stop you here. One in three women, is that in the United States or the world? Because if it’s the world, I hope you can manage to understand that third-world countries don’t care about women, opening opportunities for violence, so of course that’s a good portion. Also, may I ask what’s up with “women have to fight every day to make decisions about their own bodies.” You know what, I’m more than certain men also do the same, don’t say it’s only women. There’s bigger problems with this world then my or your fear of being sexually assault or what people will think about our bodies. Think of all the murders, starvation, dehydration, abortions, climate change, depletion of natural resources, wars, etc going on right as I type, and you read this article. There are problems out there bigger than ourselves that we, as a society need to manage to fix to secure a safe future for our children, and oncoming generations. We’re going nowhere sitting here crying about how women feel or how they have trouble making choices about their bodies when we as humanity are really deep in. If every woman thinks this and they sit here complaining about everything, we’ll lose 50% of our available manpower as the whole human race. Feminism seems to make women less confident in my opinion. I believe anybody is capable of doing incredible things no matter what gender, race, or religion you might be, but we can’t sit here making choices about our bodies until we’re dead, otherwise, tell me, what’s the point in living? You will accomplish nothing. I feel like all women need to be what they say they are, strong and independent, considering nothing was stopping them from the start. Just look at all of them,
    Malala Yousafzai
    Susan B. Anthony
    Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
    Marie Curie
    and much more who left their mark in history, long before “women’s rights” were even spoke of by the US Government.

    Please provide me with your evidence used for your claims.

    As of your claims of discrimination against women, it happens to literally everyone. Don’t forget about discrimination against muslims or African-Americans.

    Have a nice Spring Break.


    • Opinions are biased, facts are not. These days, the word “bias” is being thrown around to delegitimize real facts because those facts do not coincide with a person’s beliefs. This is dangerous. Keep in mind, not liking a topic or how it is portrayed probably shows more about your bias than it does about the author’s. The more facts that can be used to support a topic makes it less biased. I think this article does a pretty good job with that.


      • @smscougars
        But where is the “facts” for these?

        “Additionally, women’s healthcare is widely overlooked in science and women are often excluded from clinical trials.”

        “All this exists on top of the fact that women also still have to fight every day to make decisions about their own bodies, and the fear of sexual assault persists. Remember, one in three women experiences gender-based violence in her lifetime.”

        Somehow does the author of this article represent every single woman on planet Earth? Do all women fight to make decisions about things? Only women?

        Come on, don’t leave me in the dust, people continue to disagree with my viewpoint but can’t tell me what I’m wrong about.


  2. No Brandon is entitled to his own opinion, as well am I. I am allowed to be surprised by what he said, am I not? Am I not allowed to show any emotion? You are getting mad at me for “Discouraging” Brandon, but really I was expressing my own opinion. I was merely surprised by what Brandon said.


    • Yes! You go Mariah, you show them, wooohooo you go girl woop woop woop. Your amazeballs.


    • Who said I was mad?
      It seemed like you were attacking Brandon. That is all.
      I don’t care if you have an opinion or show emotion, this is a debate after all, right?


      • Actually, this isn’t a debate this is technically the comment section on the Cougar Chronicles.


      • @Mariah
        Nobody surprisingly, I guess my points can’t be countered?
        The author hasn’t provided me with her evidence for statements.
        Maybe they were made up? Who knows, I haven’t gotten any response.


  3. I’m glad people are using their 1st amendment and 1 last thing from me I figured out this isn’t the most biased article it was actually an article done by Delaney Powell that was published February 26, 2016 “Donald Trump And The Polls” and this is what she said “People may be making a terrible choice, voting for this racist, disrespectful person, or they could be well thought out voters going for the right choice. Although Donald Trump appears racist and does not promote equality among races, he still is a very successful business owner who made a multi-billion fortune from investing out of a “small loan of a million dollars.” Plus in a way insulting the American voter by saying “Hopefully, America makes the right choice.”.


      • @justin
        No, these writers need to stop attacking Americans for their beliefs and views about what’s best for the country. Is this how the rest of our lives are going to be? Having my own school journalist page spitting out hate towards the followers and supporters of a political figure that differs from their own? That’s disgusting. I argue and debate on the half of my own beliefs, I’m sure everyone feels the same way, but the author is clearly trying to attack our views with statements such as what Brandon cited. Aren’t good journalists supposed to include the least bias as possible? Come on, this is just getting ridiculous.


  4. This article is extremely one-sided and biased, and also seems to not take the opinions from other people’s views. Most of the opinions, not facts, in this article seems to come from liberal views, but there are no conservative views. The team who wrote this should take views from both parties rather than suppress it down to only one.


      • Well, for starters I believe that middle schools shouldn’t talk about politics. It’s something that a lot of kids won’t understand and will take the wrong way. Yet here I am, fighting against another people’s views in politics.

        As a student from yours truly, SMS, I had looked at both mindsets of both liberalism and conservationism, and apparently both will disagree with each other on various topics; including Gender Equality and Feminism. Yet, if you really want a true conservative answer to my opinion, then you may gladly proceed to the comment by, “It’s me again.”

        Yet if you still want an opinion off this article, I find it extremely immoral and insulting to write an article off a comment from a previous article. It goes to show how people modern day won’t understand that not everything will turn out the way they want it to, which means that they will find someone who will disagree with them or insult them. It was extremely low to try and prove your point to someone who made a comment off your article and create an entire article because of that one comment, and then get another comment by possibly that same person.

        Yet if you want a conservative opinion straight from me, then I believe that gender equality would mean that if a woman can hit a man out of nowhere and not have a crowd go up against her, so should men. If there is a such thing as equality, then both should be able to treat each other exactly the same, which many people, even feminists, fail to understand and some treat the male gender like complete garbage for no reason. If you want evidence, you can look it up on YouTube.


      • Well, we agree about what equality should be. Nobody should be treated like “garbage” for any reason.

        I am going to say, though, that I do not consider Youtube a reliable source on all things. I certainly would not look there to inform myself on gender issues. Any site where anyone can post anything needs to be viewed with skepticism.

        Sorry, you do not like this article. This topic is definitely a trigger for many. I still believe all topics regarding equality are conversations worth having, even in middle school.


    • you need to stop attacking journalism people. yes, i know that your opinion is important and yes, i know you have the right to express your opinion, but its not very enjoyable for people to try their best to write an article listening to your hating viewpoints, so just go find someone to debate with your own size.


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