Gender Equality 38

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Jordyn Russell and Delaney Powell

Globally, one in three women experiences gender-based violence in her lifetime. One in three.

Although there is solid evidence proving gender inequality, it is still an issue many refuse to believe.

In a previous article, “Gender Rolls, the Worst Kind of Bread,” written on this topic, many interesting comments were prompted about sexism. The article featured a few of the school’s feminists. It also featured an anonymous contributor who had strong opinions on the subject.

For this article, we thought we would include some of his comments to show a different perspective. He wrote, “I’m not trying to offend anybody of any race or religion. I just simply scratch my head at the fact feminism still exists in the West, and our Middle School supports it. The way I look at it, you can’t really be a full-fledged feminist without having bias about everything you hear.” That is likely true. Although, to be truthful, the same could be said for anyone that identifies as anti-feminist.

He continued, ”What about their cultures and how women are oppressed over there [in third-world countries]? Where women can’t wear what they want and are more or less basically treated like slaves? Remember when women in the United States couldn’t vote? Remember when women in the United States didn’t have the right to call a divorce, only the man? Remember when women in the United States didn’t have equal pay? Remember when women in the United States were treated like slaves and actually kept in kitchens like servants . . . ? Remember when women in the United States couldn’t join the military because they were “too weak” or “too much of a liability”? But now Bravery has no gender! SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, IT’S ALL GONE, WELCOME TO THE PRESENT MY FRIEND, WAKE UP.”

The data does not support the viewpoint that it is “ALL GONE.” Nevertheless, this viewpoint still exists.

In a survey done by the Pew Research Center, 56% of men believe, “that challenges women once faced have basically been eliminated,” with 75% of those being Republican.

The facts, though, speak differently.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, not a feminist organization, women still face a significant wage gap with full-time wage and salary jobs earning roughly 83% of men’s median weekly earnings, sometimes less depending on the profession. For example, women in legal professions earn only 56.7% of what men earn. Women are also largely overlooked for promotions and account for only 4.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs.

In politics, women make up only 19.4% of the House and 20% of the Senate, a severe underrepresentation especially when women account for more than half of the U.S. population. And we’ve yet to have a woman President.

Additionally, women’s healthcare is widely overlooked in science and women are often excluded from clinical trials.

All this exists on top of the fact that women also still have to fight every day to make decisions about their own bodies, and the fear of sexual assault persists. Remember, one in three women experiences gender-based violence in her lifetime.

Whether believed or not, unfortunately, gender inequality remains a major barrier to human development. Girls and women have made major strides since 1990, but they have not yet gained gender equity.

The disadvantages facing women and girls are a major source of inequality. All too often, as stated, women and girls are discriminated against in health, education, political representation, labor market, etc., with adverse consequences for the development of their capabilities and their freedom of choice.

Only five countries in the world have closed 80% or more of the equality gap between genders according to the World Economic Forum, and the United States is not one of them.

Fortunately, we as Californians have one of the highest percentages of acceptance for not only gender but sexuality, race, and religion. This is the same for all the western states, but once one goes a bit east to states like Texas or Kansas, there is a rapid decline from 80% acceptance in California to only 30% in Texas.

Here at Stacey students weighed in on the topic. “I think the way people are leaning is male or female, we should all be equal,” Loren Morris a seventh a grader here at Stacey feels.

“We shouldn’t care what race, gender, religion we all are. We are all humans,” says seventh grader Daniel Zarate.

Christian Cirelli, another seventh-grader says, “Why does it matter who we are or who we like? We should judge people on their character.”

Additionally, according to many studies by the United Nations and Global Goals say women and men are lead to believe many socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes such as how to dress and act. Many adolescents feel pressured to be manly or ladylike.

Boys especially feel this pressure to be manly. “You see girls wearing more gender- neutral things theses days but if a guy wants to wear something even slightly girly we get ridiculed for being ‘gay,’” says a source that requests to remain secret.

“I feel when it comes to gender roles, we’ve made a lot of progress for females but everyone just assumes boys are okay with staying the way we are,” says Daniel Zarate.

Boys and girls are taught to believe that they are supposed to follow certain gender expectations, to not act like the opposite gender, but it should be okay to be who you are.


    • Opinions are biased, facts are not. These days, the word “bias” is being thrown around to delegitimize real facts because those facts do not coincide with a person’s beliefs. This is dangerous. Keep in mind, not liking a topic or how it is portrayed probably shows more about your bias than it does about the author’s. The more facts that can be used to support a topic makes it less biased. I think this article does a pretty good job with that.


  1. No Brandon is entitled to his own opinion, as well am I. I am allowed to be surprised by what he said, am I not? Am I not allowed to show any emotion? You are getting mad at me for “Discouraging” Brandon, but really I was expressing my own opinion. I was merely surprised by what Brandon said.


  2. I’m glad people are using their 1st amendment and 1 last thing from me I figured out this isn’t the most biased article it was actually an article done by Delaney Powell that was published February 26, 2016 “Donald Trump And The Polls” and this is what she said “People may be making a terrible choice, voting for this racist, disrespectful person, or they could be well thought out voters going for the right choice. Although Donald Trump appears racist and does not promote equality among races, he still is a very successful business owner who made a multi-billion fortune from investing out of a “small loan of a million dollars.” Plus in a way insulting the American voter by saying “Hopefully, America makes the right choice.”.


    • Well, we agree about what equality should be. Nobody should be treated like “garbage” for any reason.

      I am going to say, though, that I do not consider Youtube a reliable source on all things. I certainly would not look there to inform myself on gender issues. Any site where anyone can post anything needs to be viewed with skepticism.

      Sorry, you do not like this article. This topic is definitely a trigger for many. I still believe all topics regarding equality are conversations worth having, even in middle school.


  3. you need to stop attacking journalism people. yes, i know that your opinion is important and yes, i know you have the right to express your opinion, but its not very enjoyable for people to try their best to write an article listening to your hating viewpoints, so just go find someone to debate with your own size.


    • A few of those people are not Stacey students and their replies have been deleted. Every so often, people from outside of our school get fired up about an article and chime in. Just so you know, their opinions were quite biased.


  4. I feel like there already is gender equality in society. I mean, women get paid the same as men now, we are able to do the same jobs, and in fact, we are overall treated better. The one thing we do need to stop is reverse sexism because I see for myself, mostly on the internet, that whenever a man shares his opinion, he is attacked by others who don’t agree and they seem the make a big deal about how he is a man, therefore, he is “Sexist”. All people deserve to be treated equally, and don’t get me wrong, feminism is good, but 3rd wave feminism has just turned into sexism against men. Just my opinion.


    • Agreed that gender equality is better now than it has been, but we have not achieved full equality, especially around the globe. There is oodles of evidence to prove that there is still a gap. What women have now has been hard fought and messy but important. Whenever people are oppressed, they will fight back eventually, and it can get unpleasant. And both men and women get attacked for their opinions online, not just men. Viciousness comes out against women who speak out in support of women. It goes both ways. We ALL need to listen to each other with the intent to understand and not just reflexively attack those with different opinions.


      • If a man comments on feminism in a negative way they are automatically “Sexist” and that was what I was trying to explain, but as I read my comment, I found that I didn’t exactly word it correctly. I do understand that women in 3rd world countries are still oppressed, but women in the Western area are not, yet claiming they are. This is a case I like to call “missed placed victimhood”. Never have I ever in my life felt “oppressed because I was a female, yet I know I can’t speak for everyone. In my opinion women should stop trying to do everything men can do, because we can’t, but instead do everything a man can’t do. Feminism (3rd wave) is making women lose their uniqueness.


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