What Even is Ask Sam? 6

Mariah Escatel and Averi Farren

What even is Ask Sam?

Ask Sam is an anonymous advice column that is a new addition to the Cougar Chronicle. It was recently added this year. The genius who came up with the idea was none other than one of the brilliant staff members of the Cougar Chronicle. The Cougar Chronicle team plans to continue it through the entire year and possibly next year.  

Who is Sam?

He/She is an anonymous staff member of the Cougar Chronicle newspaper team. His/Her real name is not Sam. Sam is just an anonymous gender neutral name chosen to keep things gender equal and uncomplicated.

How does Ask Sam help?

Ask Sam can help students with their problems because he/she gives advice and possible solutions to it. Sam reads the Ask Sam forms that are received and offers the best advice he/she can think of. Sometimes, in rare cases like, “Ask Sam: Awkward#2 The Awkward Attacks” (see the story for full details),  Sam gave Unsure_?? two solutions to her problem.

Will EVERYONE see my problems?

The letters are sent with a fake name, so nobody can see who submitted it. Although, the Cougar Chronicle team suggests that if the dilemma is really specific, the participant should change a few things– but not too much if one still wants to get the proper advice.

Where do I get a fill out sheet to submit my problems?

A couple of mornings a week (they vary), from 8:00-8:10 the Cougar Chronicle staff sell birthday shoutouts and song requests outside of B3. Just ask one of them for an Ask Sam request form. It’s completely free of charge. Also, come by after school, or if you have a class with Ms. Walters, you can ask her for one. Once the student has filled out the Ask Sam request form, return it anytime to B3.

When asked how one feels about Ask Sam and if it is helpful or not a few people gave their opinion.

“I personally have not submitted an Ask Sam, but I think it’s really cool to add an anonymous advice column to the Cougar Chronicle. This also reminds me a lot of my favorite Dork Diary book where she makes an advice column in their school newspaper, which is really cool,” states seventh grader Catherine Eagleson.

Seventh grader, Grace Spielman said, “I think it’s super beneficial because more and more students are afraid to ask for advice nowadays, and I think it’s great that there are people out there who are able to give advice to kids who are scared to ask.”

“Well I think that it’s good if you need advice, and you don’t want it to be public or embarrassing,” said eighth grader Katie Weir.

When asked Seventh grader Alan Tran said, “I think it’s a good idea to let people reduce their stress, or to at least get help.”

Ask Sam is for any students going through some trouble, or students just want to get some advice from someone close to their own age. Through an anonymous source, Ask Sam would be perfect for that! Sam loves to keep things confidential and anonymous, nobody will know who submitted the request. Give Ask Sam a try!


  1. Wow. So cool. I feel like getting an Ask Sam request now. I will get one tomorrow. Former Schroeder Mustangs, my Ask Sam involves 2 former Mustangs named Madelyn Fracassa + Mariah Escatel.


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