Stepping into the LimeLight 5

Katelyn Hooker

Journalism is working with WeVideo, a video/green screen editor. The reason for the collaboration? The answer is simple. Broadcasting!

As this new trimester begins, Journalism students will be experts at the complex video system. Opening the Cougar Chronicle, students will soon see videos along with their stories. The videos might be of interviews, descriptions to stories, or green screens videos.

As WeVideo grows more popular inside of journalism, some Stacey students haven’t a clue of what WeVideo is. Just like Emily Haas, who wonders if Videography will chime in with this new adjustment.

“You should broadcast like CNN Student News,” she says. When asked if kids might be drawn to the Cougar Chronicle if there were more videos, she replied with, “They MIGHT.” It could depend on how good of the videos are and what the topics are.

Some videos made so far by Broadcast Journalism are; Slime Crazy, Anime Club-When Death Parade was There, Stacey’s Melodious Band Concert, and Scraws, the Trailer.

The process? Purchasing a green screen and a video camera. For now, the journalists are using their phone for filming and the camera as a backup. 

These videos are great ways to show off the students editing skills, and enhancing their stories. Please take the time to watch the video above and any others!


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