Shoutouts! 6

Delaney Powell and Justin Pham

Hey, Cougars!

If students did not already know, AVID just hosted a Shoutout for both students and teachers! The booth was visited by many students during first and second lunch on Wednesday, March 22nd, as well as many staff members.

The booth had all the materials for students and staff to write a nice note to their fellow students or teachers. Some teachers visited the booth as well, including Mrs. Cleckler, Mrs. Valverde, Ms. Thach, Ms. Walters, and Mrs. Ortega.

“I think we should do this more often,” says Ms.Cleckler, a science teacher here at Stacey.

“I think that this is a nice thing to do. It makes people feel better, and it helps AVID too,” says Lillian Thai, an eighth grader at Stacey.

The positive post-it notes are still up. They are located behind the amphitheater, so if students want to check them out, they can do so in between classes and before or after school. The notes are meant to represent Stacey’s rules of kindness.


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