No teams = No Dodgeball 14

Screenshot 2017-04-04 at 2.28.45 PM.png

Oanh Tran

The call for dodgeball teams was made but too few answered.  The dodgeball event that was scheduled for after school on Wednesday has been postponed. 

Without more teams participating, there will be no event. 

Hopefully, more teams will sign up this week in order to get the tournament rescheduled.

To meet the requirements, a team captain will be needed with 6-8 players, and paperwork will need to be filled out.  The team captain gathers ALL of the paperwork and money pitched in from each player will have to be turned it into room G2B, Mr. Yohn’s room.

The events take up the whole MPR, where people could bid money for teams they want to win.  Teams who participate can win prizes, such as money and pizza.  

For more questions, visit G2B for more information about the next upcoming dodgeball event!


  1. Actually, now that I think about it, a lot of my friends are also scare of things that aim toward them at rapid motion (for instance: dodgeball). I bet any one of us have at least a friend that couldn’t bring their guts up to hit a volleyball or catch a football. So what I am trying to say it is not a bad thing and there’s nothing to be a shame of. It’s also not cool to laugh at them and/or be mean. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Justin, if my comment earlier offended you, I truly apologized, I wasn’t trying to cause other people to make fun of you.


  2. I don’t think Justin’s phobia is funny, I was only trying to point out that I though it was new and interesting. But now that I rethink about it, lots of people have it too. So please don’t make fun of him. It’s not cool and funny. It’s serious and mean. I could also consider cyber bullying. Can you guys do me a favor and stop it? You want to know what’s actually funny? That in all the earlier comments, we all spell dodgeball wrong. It’s dodgeball instead of dogeball.


    • Okay, so of course, Justin is entitled to his own opinion, but I’d just like to calm your nerves and say that I also get really freaked out when it comes to sports, but I thought every comment, especially yours, was funny and lighthearted. I think we all knew that you didn’t mean any harm and honestly, what you said was pretty amusing. :p


  3. I hope you guys can understand. I wasn’t accusing you of anything. I just want you guys to do me a favor of stopping the meaness.


  4. Thanks Kels, that really calm me down. It’s ok if you think my comment was some what amusing like Kels said. I just don’t want justin to feel bad so please don’t make fun of him or anyone who also share the same phobia.


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