A profile of our school’s most popular student: Turtlehead 19

1012161105-2Elaine Tong

Turtlehead is a popular student on campus. He is well known and constantly receives compliments from everyone. It is an obvious fact that many students are jealous of his perfect features. Although Turtlehead is popular and well-liked, some do not know his story.

Turtlehead lives in Ms. Walters class in B3. But occasionally, he is brought home on breaks longer than four days. Otherwise, he stays in his other home at school.

His age is a mystery to many since it has never been disclosed.

However, on this exclusive scoop, Ms. Walters revealed this, “I don’t know; I’ve had him for around 26 years, and he was at least 15 when I got him. He’s probably around 40.”

Wow, despite his young looks and lack of wrinkles, Turtlehead is old!

Turtlehead is a gulf coast box turtle, which is the most populated subspecies originating from the North American box turtles. Ms. Walters got Turtlehead from a store called Petland, in Huntington Beach. He eats fruits, vegetables, and bugs and according to Ms. Walters, is very low maintenance.

When asked when Turtlehead is most excited, Ms. Walters states, “When he thinks food is coming, he is the most excited.”

As many knows, Turtlehead is a very busy.

His schedule, explained by Ms. Walters. “Sleep. . . taking a bath. . . drinking a little water. . . sleeping again. . . And if I feed him, he eats. And if I don’t feed him, he sits on top of his log, and he stares me down. He mad dogs me until I feed him.” Additionally, at night, Turtlehead sleeps. He has a very interesting schedule.

The name Turtlehead is an extremely unique name. At first meeting, one would definitely wonder where this name came from. Ms. Walters gave this simple answer, “I couldn’t think of a better name that stuck.”

The name definitely fits his personality!

Turtlehead is well loved all around campus. He has never caused problems, even when Ms. Walters asked if she would be allowed to keep him in class.

She states, “No. There were never any problems.”


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