Cherry Blossom Festival! Reply


Elaine Tong

Huntington Beach held their fourth annual Cherry Blossom Festival which celebrates 35 years of amity with Anjo, Japan. It was held Sunday on March 19, 2017, from 11 AM to 5 PM, at Huntington Beach Central Park with free admissions. It was a family-friendly event that had several events.

There was a large variety of fun to choose at the festival. There was Japanese music, dance, martial arts, exhibits, games, crafts, and much food. The exotic food included Japanese foods such as takoyaki, seafood, pancakes, and desserts, which could easily explain the huge lines. The food was popular creating long lines that could easily have one waiting for more than ten to even twenty minutes.

Most games available had fees for participation usually amounting to less than two dollars. Possible prizes varied from each booth but included Pocky, water balloons, candy, and more. Some prizes were guaranteed just for participating.

Along with games, there were crafts and paints for creative arts.

There was also a spinning raffle held by one of the festival’s sponsors, b.glen, a Japanese skincare company. The variety of prizes for the raffle involved sample packs of skincare or a full sample set of skincare. These items would be worth $30 to more than $80.

People could stroll through the park’s garden to enjoy the nature.

Donations were held to help raise the garden.IMG_2962

The sponsors of the festival were b.glen, SolarCity, Tiodize Co., Pocky, Hiro Piano, Huntington Pacific, Surf City USA, Lighthouse, Coldwell Banker, Finance of America Mortgage, Ana (All Nippon Airways), Yakult, CME Properties Inc, You&I Logistics INC. and Japan Connection.



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