The Aftermath of the Field Trip of Dreams Reply

Justin Pham

Advanced Art students had a great time observing the amazing art projects created by various high school students and talented artists at the AMOCA museum, as well as the Millard Sheets Art Center in the Pomona Fairplex on March 14. 

In the morning, all Advanced Art students met in front of the school so that they would be able to board the bus. The students then made their way to the AMOCA museum where they were escorted around the museum by a guide to observing the beautiful artwork created by many amazing artists.

Malia Noyes quotes, “I kind of liked it, but… actually, yeah; I kind of liked it.”

After walking around and observing the art pieces, students then hopped onto the bus once again and made their way towards the Millard Sheets Art Center. They ate their packed lunch and chatted with their friends for about 20 minutes or so.

Afterward, students went inside the museum and split up into groups so they would be able to admire the high school art with a tour guide at their own pace.

Lillian Thai quotes, “The art presented in the museum was intricate and colorful, but I felt that the high school artwork was more interesting to look at. Go inside Millard Sheets and look at the back wall with the artwork displaying crocs #selfpromo.”

After admiring the artwork, students went into an art room and began making creations of their own! When the artwork was done, students then pasted their creations on the “art wall” to display. How nice!

All in all, the field trip was just one of the many great things that the Advanced Art students had the opportunity to experience. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to learn about art. All in all, students were satisfied with the trip.

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