GPA and the Third Trimester 2

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Delaney Powell

A lot of students get extra stressed about the time report cards come out.  There are ways to lessen the stress, though. Here are some tips and tricks to boost your GPA!

If you are struggling in reading, try to meet you AR goal a few weeks before the end of the trimester. Don’t wait until the last week. For ELA classes, it is a big part of the grade, so don’t waste time on books with no tests. Always make sure to check to see if the book is AR before you buy it or check it out. Save the other reading for summer.

If you are struggling with missing assignments, make a plan to make them up. Your teachers are here to help you learn, and they want you to get the best grade possible! Talk to them, and ask if you can make it up. Most teachers would be glad to help. If you just do not know how to do the assignment, again, talk to your teachers. It is not okay to blow off challenging tasks. Don’t avoid something because it is hard.

If you are struggling because of a bad test grade ask your teacher if you can retake it. This is always an option. It often depends on when you took the test. If it is not an option, ask your teacher for tips on how to do better on the next one.

Most likely, if you ask a teacher how to improve your chances of doing better on a test, he or she will tell you to take better notes. So, yes, take better notes. Revise those notes, and review them often. If you are fortunate enough to be able to use your notes on the test, by all means, make sure they are as detailed as possible.

Above all, keep going and stay positive, Cougars!


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