The Gold Ribbon Reply

gold ribbon

Mikayla Mendoza

Stacey Middle School may be receiving the Gold Ribbon Award for student improvement growth for its student model of respect and rewarding system. Getting this award would mean a lot to Stacey.

This is especially true because the process of earning the Gold Ribbon is not easy.

The first step is to have a model program. Next, a school must apply. The principal, Mrs. DeBritton, and Assistant Principal, Mrs. Hernandez,  had to submit a long application showing evidence of Stacey’s growth. This growth had to show the rate of student suspension rate declining. Also, it showed that student test scores have been going up.

Having passed those hurdles, Stacey has a site visit scheduled for March 29th to finalize the validation process. That means people from the state will come and observe Stacey’s program first hand.

If all goes well and Stacey receives this award, the staff will throw a party, and there will be an awards assembly.

This award means so much to Stacey because middle school is a time of transition from a little kid to being a teen, so when a middle school receives this award, it is rare.

This award also raises the school’s ranking in Orange County and California. The Gold Ribbon is a state award, and the next step after receiving this award means Stacey can apply for a Blue Ribbon, which means Stacey would also be recognized throughout the country.  

School’s are only eligible to earn this award every two years.


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