Unanimous Superior Achievement 2017 1

Oanh Tran and Evelyn Huynh

Two groups Performance Ensemble and Extreme Winds performed at John F. Kennedy High School to play their instruments along with other schools to be ranked by judges. The groups went for two days, the 7th and 8th of March. Some students went for only one day while some went for two days, but it was dependent on the group.

Before they performed, students left their instruments in the practice room to take pictures.  After, they went back to the practice room to tune their instruments. The high school guide led the band students to the stage to perform.

On the first day, they traveled on two buses and competed against other 7th and 8th grade bands similar to them in front of three judges on the balcony and several parents.

On the second day, they went there on only one bus, because there were fewer people. The group competed against high school band groups much older than them. In front of the stage, three judges again sat in the balcony.  The other schools were there to watch. The group that played on the second day was much smaller than the first.

“I was shocked… I felt extremely happy because all the hard work we put into the festival had paid off,” stated Thao Le, a 7th grader who went to both competitions.

Photo by Zek Hernandez

Both groups were ranked Unanimous Superior, which is the highest ranking. The achievement was one of the highest they have ever gotten, according to Mr. Woodruff. Congratulations to the Stacey Middle School band groups!

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