The War On Kindness 3


Kelsey Bisetti

Lately, China has been helping Africa obtain supplies and rebuild old roads with little reciprocation. “Awe, how sweet!” No. Not sweet. At least, not in the eyes of Western Civilization’s leading politicians.

Who would’ve thought a bit of kindness and help to third world countries would cause such panic?

Here’s why so many people are freaking out at this.

Saying China is “big” would be an understatement. China currently holds the title of World’s Best Economy (GDP PPP), according to Statistics Times. Not to mention, China is thought to have some of the most evolved nuclear inventions in the modern world, though this is a somewhat disputed fact. Recently, they’ve invested a lot of time and money in Africa in trade for natural resources, such as wood, fish, and gold.

Moving onto Africa, this is the second most populated continent in the world, second only to Asia (where China is!!!). Not only this, but it also has the fastest population growth rate. If the two countries band together, they could morph into an unstoppable force.

China’s president, Xi Jinping, recently promised $60 billion dollars to African countries. Yeah… that’s a lot of zeros in exchange for raw resources.

Some American politicians fear this may lead African countries to join forces with China and adopt communism. This would surely put the U.S. in a nerve-racking position. This super-union would probably dwarf America’s strengths.

This fear, however, is not 100% valid. In a survey by The Washington Post, 63% of the surveyed civilians perceive China as a positive influence, regarding economics and politics. However, only 56% found their developmental assistance to be beneficial. In fact, America has been found to be much more contributive in this department. 32% of the 54,000 participants feel China has done well with infrastructure advancement, though 35% of respondents claimed Chinese products were poor in quality. Another 14% claimed Chinese citizens have been stealing jobs from locals.

So, here’s the real question: Should China receive scrutiny for trying to help third-world countries? Is it okay to fear kindness?



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