Soccer Success 3

20170216_145822Oanh Tran

The soccer season for Stacey started this month, and the boys’ and girls’ teams have not lost a game so far!  

On Wednesday, March 8th, both the girls and the boys’ soccer team competed against Johnson.  The girls’ team won 5-0 as the boys’ team won 5-1. “I am very excited for what’s to come during the season, and I hope we win more games during the season and end strong,” says 7th-grade Cambria Chandler.  

This week, March 15th, the boys and girls competed against Warner and Johnson.  The girls’ won against Warner at 6-0 and Johnson at 3-2.  As for the boys’ soccer team, they won 5-2 against Warner and tied 2-2 against Johnson.  

The last game will be taken March 22nd against Warner and hopefully, the Stacey teams will be successful in the end.


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