Saturday School Reply

Averi Farren

Saturday School is an amazing academy that is held twice a trimester on a Saturday at Stacey Middle School.

It is held from 8:00 AM to 12:15 PM. Saturday School is a great place to work on sports skills with Mr. Cota, hangout in band with Mr. Woodruff, finish work with Mrs. Granger, or help out with the Garden Club with Mrs. Thach and Mrs. Janssen.

Saturday School has been an all around success for Stacey. Not only is it enjoyable for most, but it is also helpful.

If one has been absence, this is the perfect opportunity to make up the absence. Even if you have not been absent, you may still attend this wonderful academy.

According to Irlanda Jimenez, “I like Saturday School because it is helpful and it is an easy way to get my work turned in.”

Meanwhile, Ciara Hughes, “Saturday School is lame, boring, and scary,” Oh well, Saturday School might not be for everyone.

Next time it is offered, maybe consider coming to this fun event on a Saturday.

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