“Hi, My Name is Averi Farren” 7

Mariah Escatel

Averi Farren is a 7th grader here at Stacey Middle School. She is also a member in Broadcast Journalism. Many people don’t know much about her.

To start off, she currently is twelve years old, and going on to thirteen on March 24th. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday when the day comes around.

As an overall friendly person, Averi especially loves hanging with her best friends, otherwise known as “The Fab Squab.” Her group of friends, “The Fab Squab” (Not “Fab Squad”) consists of her besties, Mariah Escatel, Catherine Eagleson, Maddie Fracassa, Kira Temple, and Giselle Salazar.  

Her “Squab” have a made up language. One of the members of “The Fab Squab,” Catherine, says “I love talking in our language in public. The stares we get are hilarious.”

One thing that most don’t know about her is that she is a skilled gymnast. She attends Scats Gymnastics and works proficiently.  When asked if it is a struggle to endure the hardships of being a gymnast, she replied, “Heck yeah it’s hard! It’s very hard, but each back-handspring is easier than the next. It’s all about practice.”

It is not all gymnastics, though. “I am obsessed with wicky sticks. They are these wax toy bendy things that are very fun to use when crafting birds,” said Averi.

Averi lives with her grandma, grandpa, and, according to her, her small “rat” dog named Richie, and “evil” cat Tony. She has an older sister, but her older sister lives in West Virginia and is 23 years old.

When asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she said she would love to become a lawyer some day. Her family and friends can agree that she is very good at convincing others to do what she wants.

Some interesting facts about are, she doesn’t have a favorite color, she can’t decide on which food she likes best, and all through 6th grade she never wore full pants, but only shorts, or skirts.

Overall, Averi Farren is an amazing girl with a bright future ahead of her in gymnastics or whatever she puts her mind to.


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