Stacey Middle School’s Substitute Vice-Principal Reply

Denise Mena and Oanh Tran

Many here at Stacey know about the new vice principal substituting for Mrs. Hernandez named Mrs. Kirk. Her full name is Robin Renee Ross Kirk, and she will be substituting for about 12 weeks.   She has been working in the district since 2007.

Growing up, she played basketball, did ballet, and ran track. This led her to receive a scholarship for a women’s basketball team.  In a family with four brothers, she grew up surrounded by athletes as her father has played for a professional football team. Growing up in a tall family, her brothers’ height ranges from 6’4 feet to 6’8 feet.

What drove her to work with students was when she was in college tutoring other students in math.  She had started volunteering at tutoring centers after finding her love for teaching. “When I was tutoring, I decided I wanted to do it full-time because it was really gratifying.”

After she had helped tutor in the math department in Florida, it led her wanting to work with students as a full-time job.  “What I look forward to every day at school is talking to students and being outside.  I especially enjoy being outside when the weather is beautiful, and students are happy.  It really makes my day.”

Later on in her life, she received a degree in design engineering from Florida A&M University. That soon became a job at NASA and General Motors. Being a NASA and General Motors scholar, she then attended Cal-State Fullerton majoring in Math and received a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  Recently, she has reached all her doctoral units and soon will be called Dr. Kirk.  

When asked who she was most inspired by, she responded, “I definitely look up to Mrs. DeBritton, the principal; Mrs. Hernandez; the superintendent, Dr. Phelps, and many more employees in the school district.”

Some interesting facts involve her having a love for dancing and movies. Her favorite types of movies are fantasy-romance.  She also has an obsession with Star Trek.  “I’m a Treky!” says Mrs. Kirk.  She has actually been the same height since age eleven. She’s a late bloomer and has a daughter the age of twelve.  “I am always surrounded by teenagers at home and school.”

“I love talking to Mrs. Kirk, I personally love her style and personality.  She’s a really fun person to be around every day at school, and it brightens my day.  She’s also a great role model,” states seventh grader Mikayla Mendoza. Mrs. Kirk is definitely a great person to talk to and deserves recognition for her dedication towards the school district.  

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