The Field Trip of Dreams 1


Justin Pham and Delaney Powell

Advanced art students are going to take a field trip to the American Museum of Ceramic Arts (AMOCA) and the Millard Sheets Art Center, at the Fairplex in Pomona on March 14. 

AMOCA, dedicated exclusively to ceramic art, is the largest ceramics museum in the country.

At the Millard Sheets Art Center students will take a walk in the museum to admire over 250 pieces of artwork created purely by high schoolers. This year, the theme at Millard Sheets is The Art of Dreams. All of the artwork pieces that the students will observe are tied to that one theme.

“I can’t wait for the field trip,” says Mackenzie Bailek, an eighth grader here at Stacey. “Last time we went on a field trip it was so inspiring.”

Students will receive an overview by the curator of the exhibition at Millard Sheets and engage in insightful discussions with the facilitators there about the artwork. They will have the opportunity to create a project that allows the students to collaborate and infuse their many thoughts and ideas into a beautiful work of art. Finally, they will have some free time to walk around and admire the artwork at their own pace.

All Advanced Art students are eligible to attend this field trip.

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