Tech Trek-Those Invited 1


Katelyn Hooker and Mariah Escatel

Recently, 12 Stacey Middle School girls were chosen to go to Tech Trek, a one week trip to UCI for seventh-grade girls going into the eighth grade. This trip teaches girls about STEM (science, math, engineering, and technology). The seventh-grade teachers picked one to three girls from each period that they thought were Tech Trek material, meaning that they were engaged in science lessons. On February 9th, all the selected girls met with a retired Boeing worker to talk about the program.

Tech Trek is a summer camp located in a UCI, in which brings the best in girls’ ability with math and science. It is an all girl camp ran by all female instructors. One of their slogans is, “What happens in Tech Trek- doesn’t stay in Tech Trek!” which makes sense because the girls who are a part of the summer camp will apply their knowledge to future situations in life. This camp teaches and prepares rising eighth-grade girls about the science world using various class options such as a cooking class, app building class, and other STEM-related classes.

“Tech Trek is a program of the American Association of University women. Since 1998, Tech Trek has impacted the lives of thousands of rising eighth-grade girls by providing them with an opportunity to experience the endless possibilities within the STEM fields.”

Applications were due by 24th of February. The application consisted of seven questions that mainly ask about the extra curricular activities that the girls participate in. Along with those questions, the application asked the girls to write a 400 to 500-word essay describing how they would use math and/or science to make the world a better place.   

7th grader Trinity Kuzio, one of the girls invited to Tech Trek was ¨fearless¨ being called up the office through the loudspeaker. ¨I wasn’t worried, I was fearless.¨ When given the application she said, ¨I can’t believe this is actually happening!” She lastly commented, ¨I’m really excited that UCI is closing just for this. I am happy women are teaching.¨

As described by Stacey 8th graders who went to the camp last year, the dorms were very hot. The girls have to stay with a girl from a different school, even a different school district! Every day the girls must get up, eat, and go to their designated classrooms. It is like being a college student, which the girls at the meeting were really into!     

Tech Trek is a girl-friendly camp that teaches girls, math science, engineering, and technology. It shows girls how to do the various tasks to become a world class girl scientist.  It makes sense why all these girls are applying!

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